Advisor Services
Outsourced portfolio accounting services.
Advisor Services
Outsourced portfolio accounting services.

Free your staff
Hand off your regular back-office processes to Tamarac Advisor Services® and experience dramatic time and resource savings that can be reapplied to revenue generating activities like building client relationships and bringing on more assets.

Your Tamarac Advisor Services team will download, post, and reconcile positions from your custodians and import your accounts, account holdings, and trade data into Advisor Xi – generally by market open.*

All reconciled data is integrated into the various Advisor Xi systems, so you can simply sign in and start working with the most current financial information. Run reports in Advisor View, monitor and trade accounts in Advisor Rebalancing, and access current account and household information in Advisor CRM – all while working with current and accurate data provided daily by Tamarac Advisor Services. With Advisor Services working to reconcile, update, and audit your data daily, your firm is always prepared for quarter-end or any other reporting period your firm defines.

* The timely posting of custodial data is contingent upon when Tamarac receives the files from the custodians.

“We are always looking for ways to deliver the best possible service to our clients. Tamarac Advisor Services provides a foundation for that vision.” Dave Walker, Director of Operations - YellowWood Financial Advisors
Outsourced services can include:
  • Daily position reconciliation
  • Daily data audits
  • Cost basis reconciliation
  • Account aggregation
  • Compliance reporting
  • Billing and administration
  • Daily system uploads
  • Graphic design support for
    PDF report branding

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