Tamarac Business Intelligence Reports – Coming Soon!
Instantly compare your firm against hundreds of other RIAs
Using our team of data engineers, scientists, and analysts, we work with the vast amount of data that flows through the Tamarac platform to provide you with robust analytics on the health of your business. We do all the heavy lifting to turn terabytes of financial data into an analytical database which you can then access through our cutting edge Tamarac Business Intelligence reports in Advisor View.

Industry veterans and vast business knowledge has allowed us to design impactful out-of-the-box insights. Our goal is to help you grow your assets, make great business decisions, and manage your business like never before.

Benchmark your firm against hundreds of other RIAs, servicing millions of financial accounts, comparing:
Tamarac Business Intelligence reports provide:
  • Business dashboards
  • Highly customizable reporting
    and filtering
  • Revenue analysis
  • “New Money” report
  • Firm valuation reports
  • Client segmentation
  • Advisor drill down

Get Answers
Our Business Intelligence reports are built to answer some of the key questions that drive the success of your practice, such as:
  • What new money is coming in?
  • How many new clients have I signed?
  • How much money do I manage?
  • What is my market exposure to the energy sector?
  • How much am I charging my clients?
  • How am I doing relative to my peers?
  • How have I grown?

Business Intelligence Reports
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Tamarac Business Intelligence reports will be available later in 2017 as part of our award winning Advisor View portfolio management application. Basic Business Intelligence reports will be included in Advisor View at no additional charge, and there will be a premium offering available as an upgrade.
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