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Tamarac AdvisorServices™ launches outsourced portfolio management solution

AdvisorServices combines Tamarac's best-in-class portfolio management platform with over nine years of experience in streamlining back-office workflows to deliver a premium outsourced solution.
Seattle, Wash., Sept 14, 2009 - Tamarac AdvisorServices Inc. announced today the launch of its outsourced portfolio management services utilizing Tamarac's Software-as-a-Service model that allows advisors to handoff many of their back-office tasks and focus on growing their business.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Tamarac Inc., Tamarac AdvisorServices (TAS™) is a natural evolution given Tamarac's experience in working with thousands of advisors over the past nine years to streamline portfolio management tasks through smart technology and consulting services.

"We've been helping advisors manage their portfolios as part of our natural support function at Tamarac since inception in 2000," said Matt Springer, President of TAS and founder of Tamarac Inc. "The launch of TAS was a simple process of formalizing our outsourced offering - as we have all the systems, third party integrations, workflows and staffing already in place."

TAS uses Tamarac Advisor® for its technology platform which includes Tamarac's proven rebalancing application and is augmented by Tamarac's new performance reporting and customer relationship management (CRM) applications. Additionally, TAS has selected Schwab Performance Technologies® PortfolioCenter® as its accounting engine for its technology platform. TAS takes care of all system maintenance and upgrades, reducing a firm's resource investments in on-site IT and hardware.

"Outsourced services have been traditionally adopted by smaller and newly formed RIAs," said Cameron Sheehan, Director of Advisor Services at TAS. "While we plan to service that market place, we are seeing an interest in outsourcing from established firms as a way to increase firm efficiency. Firms are seeing outsourcing as a way to spend more time with their clients and referrals."

About Tamarac AdvisorServices

Tamarac AdvisorServices (TAS) is a complete portfolio management outsourcing business partner for investment management firms. TAS offers a fully hosted technology platform comprised of best-in-class software and delivers a range of portfolio management, trade generation and reporting services to meet the evolving demands of today's RIA. Tamarac AdvisorServices is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tamarac Inc.

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