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Tamarac expands its product offering by introducing an integrated suite of portfolio management applications

Building on its reputation for best-in-class software and service, Tamarac uniquely solves the technology and service needs of today's RIA.
Seattle, Wash., Sept 14, 2009 - Tamarac Inc., the market leader in portfolio rebalancing and trading software for investment professionals, announced today that it has expanded its offering to include an integrated suite of portfolio management applications. Tamarac's web-based platform, Advisor® 9, delivers the essential applications an RIA needs to manage their back-office efficiently and cost-effectively.

"Over the course of the last two years we've made significant investments to increase the functionality of our core rebalancing offering while enhancing the user experience," said Stuart DePina, CEO of Tamarac. "During this process our clients identified 'tighter integration across their disparate systems' as a common pain-point. Our primary value proposition has always been to make advisors more efficient, and our new integrated suite extends that benefit across many of the portfolio management workflows used in their office."

As part of the Advisor 9 platform, Tamarac provides its proven rebalancing and trading application with newly developed performance reporting functionality and a customized version of Microsoft Dynamics® CRM (Advisor CRM™). To round out the offering, Advisor benefits greatly from its integrations with two best-in-class technologies, Schwab Performance Technologies® PortfolioCenter® for portfolio accounting and MoneyGuidePro™ financial planning software.

"Our goal wasn't to rebuild the wheel, in terms of developing new technology to address existing problems," said Matt Springer, President and Founder of Tamarac. "To solve for integration, we studied the market and focused on designing workflows to support today's RIA and then selected the best applications available in the market to deliver on our goal."

Tamarac's new performance reporting combines data from an RIA's portfolio accounting system with the client's allocation model and rebalancing data from Tamarac's rebalancing and trading application. The end result is a new level of performance reporting that is compelling, easy to understand and bolsters an advisory firm's brand.

Advisor CRM provides a single starting point for many client and portfolio management workflows. Advisor CRM includes data from the portfolio accounting system as well as model, and rebalancing data from the rebalancing software - all in a single location. Workflows from the CRM that include accessing functionality from other applications in the Advisor suite, such as Advisor Performance Reporting™, Advisor Rebalancing & Trading™ and MoneyGuidePro, are only a click away. Advisor 9's platform intuitively places the users in the integrated application to continue the workflow while passing data through to reduce duplicate data entry.

Advisor CRM is built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook®. Since the majority of the client management workflows can be done directly from Outlook, Advisor CRM makes for fast adoption across a firm due to already established familiarity with Microsoft's application.

"Lower margins and increased customer communication demands are forcing advisory practices to abandon previously accepted manual processes and replace them with smart technology," said DePina. "The challenge has been that integrated portfolio management systems to-date have come with either a high cost or broken promise. Advisor 9 uses best-in-class technologies with proven track records, including our own. Most firms are using some or all of these technologies already which translates to a cost effective and successful transition to our platform."

About Tamarac Inc.

Tamarac provides an integrated web-based suite of institutional level technologies and outsourced portfolio management services to independent advisors. Tamarac has the unique perspective of consulting with thousands of advisors since its inception in 2000 to improve efficiencies in their back-offices and successfully transition them to a superior portfolio management process.

Tamarac is headquartered in Seattle, WA. Its website address is:

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