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Tamarac Announces Initial Integration Partners for Its Cloud-Based RIA Platform

Tamarac's Advisor Xi offering opens the door for rapid third party integration
Seattle WA, November 2, 2011 - Tamarac Inc., a leading provider of integrated portfolio and customer management software and services for financial advisors, today announced the first wave of integration partners for its cloud-based RIA platform, Advisor® Xi

In this initial release, Tamarac has chosen Cities Digital's Laserfiche® Integration, Worldox® from Trumpet, and NetDocuments® as the three vendors providing integrated documentation management capabilities within the Advisor Xi suite. Tamarac has also selected Laser App for online form submissions, MoneyGuidePro for financial planning, ByAllAccounts® for account aggregation, and Rackspace for hosted Microsoft Exchange®.

Advisor Xi uniquely combines a custom version of Microsoft Dynamics® CRM that's tailored for financial advisors, an on-demand performance reporting and customer portal application, and Tamarac's industry-leading portfolio rebalancing application. Tamarac further supports advisors with a range of outsourced portfolio management services such as daily reconciliation and advanced fee billing.

As a consultant to its clients, Tamarac conducts all the necessary due-diligence to select vendors who can meet the needs of its diverse RIA clientele. Tamarac then manages ongoing integration requirements with each third party so that every advisor using Advisor Xi can simply focus on serving their clients and leveraging the meaningful integrations throughout their technology platform.

Behind the scenes, the Advisor Xi integration hub intelligently manages custodial, application, and third party data, making it instantly accessible throughout the Advisor Xi suite. When information is updated in one product, the integration hub ensures that it's also updated in other applications that share that data. This seamless sharing of data also enables cross-product workflows - where actions in one application trigger activities in another.

The new capabilities of Advisor Xi set the stage for meaningful and rapid integration with other best-in-class application providers. In the upcoming months, Tamarac will be releasing additional integrations with a growing list of partners for financial planning, documentation management, account aggregation, online form submission, hosted Microsoft Exchange, and more.

"Partnering with these first-class vendors represents Tamarac's commitment to taking integration to the next level," said Matt Stroh, VP of Marketing at Tamarac. "Together, we will offer a complete best-of-breed platform that will give financial advisors greater opportunities to replace manual processes with fully automated workflows that span across multiple, integrated products."

About Tamarac Inc.

Tamarac provides an integrated, web-based suite of portfolio and client management software and outsourced services to over 2,700 advisors that collectively manage over $225B in assets. The firm has experienced 50 percent year-over-year revenues growth for the last four years. RIAs utilizing Tamarac's platform range in size from less than $15M in assets to managing over $20B.

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