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Tamarac Opens East Coast Office to Maintain Service Excellence as Integrated RIA Platform Adoption Soars

2011 Year-to-Date Sales Exceed Total 2010 Sales

Seattle WA, July 14, 2011 - Tamarac Inc., a leading provider of integrated portfolio management software and services, today announced the opening of its Raleigh, North Carolina office—which enables the company to further scale its managed portfolio accounting capabilities.

"Quality client service is a core value at Tamarac," said CEO Stuart DePina. "With offices now on both the east and west coasts, Tamarac has dramatically increased its service capabilities for RIAs nationwide. We can maintain the excellent service our clients expect, while supporting our explosive growth as more advisors adopt our integrated RIA platform. In the first half of 2011, we exceeded our total 2010 sales. There are no signs of a slowdown."

RIAs have shown strong adoption of Advisor View, Tamarac's web-based performance reporting and managed portfolio accounting offering, one of several core component in Tamarac's integrated RIA technology platform, Advisor® X, which launched in 2009. Tamarac's dedicated financial services professionals oversee important portfolio management tasks including daily position reconciliation, daily performance calculations, billing, and updating new and held-away account data—all of which are critical Advisor View service elements. End clients benefit from

Daily reconciled portfolio accounting data, provided by Tamarac's services teams in Seattle and Raleigh, flows seamlessly throughout Tamarac's integrated suite, which includes Advisor CRM® (Microsoft Dynamics® CRM) and Advisor Rebalancing®. "Advisors using our system simply log on to the web-based platform each morning, knowing that all their data is reconciled and accurate," said DePina. "This frees them up so they can focus on proactively servicing their clients and growing their businesses. The advisor's end clients can also access daily performance data via Advisor View's client portal-branded to match the RIA."

"Thanks to Tamarac's integrated RIA technology platform and outsourced services, our staff simply logs on via a browser or accesses it in Microsoft Outlook and we quickly have a comprehensive and current picture of all our client portfolios—including non-managed assets, at our fingertips" says Andrew Lin, VP of Strategic Development at Signature Estate and Investment Advisors, LLC (SEIA). "Since our firm has offices on both coasts, we're pleased that Tamarac has expanded its support team and office presence. By leveraging Tamarac, we have been able to greatly streamline processes in both the front and back offices and everything in between."

About Tamarac Inc.

Tamarac provides an integrated web-based suite of portfolio management software and outsourced portfolio management services to over 400 independent registered investment advisors, collectively managing over $200B in assets. Tamarac has the unique perspective of consulting with thousands of advisors since its inception in 2000 to improve efficiencies in their back-offices and successfully transition them to a superior portfolio management process.

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