Advisor View app for Salesforce
Advisor View app for Salesforce

Available August 21, 2017
Independent advisors using Salesforce will experience dramatic efficiency gains by integrating with our award winning portfolio management application, Advisor View.

Advisor View delivers portfolio accounting, performance reporting, billing, data aggregation, business intelligence reports, and an engaging client portal that supports mobile access. Combining Advisor View data and functionality with the CRM and workflow capabilities of Salesforce provides the ultimate portfolio and client management platform for RIAs.

Benefits & Features
Open accounts fast Clients and Households are created in Advisor View with the click of a button in Salesforce.
Access financial accounts Advisor View adds and updates Financial Account information in Salesforce daily.
Improve data accuracy Edits made to client or Household information in either Salesforce or Advisor View are updated in the other application automatically.
Streamline client requests Contextually link from Salesforce into a client’s account or Household in Advisor View to take immediate action.
Maintain historical records Changes made to a client’s email or Household assignment are tracked in Salesforce.
Control data flow Easily set up and manage data flow and integration settings between Advisor View and Salesforce.
RIAs using an integrated platform, versus those that do not, experience the following gains in firm-wide performance*:
  • More than double assets under management (AUM)
  • $100k more in annual revenue
  • 20% more in annual income
  • 32% less time spent on operational processes
  • 90% more time for clients
  • 110% faster growth in practice
*Source: Tamarac whitepaper – RIA Productivity and Profitability: Integration Pays

Contact us for more information
The Tamarac Advisor View App will be available for download in the Salesforce App Exchange as of August 21, 2017. If you would like to learn more about our Salesforce integration, or any part of our comprehensive portfolio and client management platform, please contact us.

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