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In Memoriam
Jud BergmanChairman and Chief Executive Officer
It is with immeasurable sadness that we share the news that Jud Bergman, our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, passed away as the result of a terrible car accident on Thursday, Oct. 3. His wife, Mary Miller, also sadly perished in this tragedy. As Envestnet’s founder, Jud was a remarkable leader whose vision, brilliance and drive built the foundation for Envestnet’s success.

Jud founded Envestnet in 1999 on the premise that technology would change the financial advisor industry. However, he always understood there was an important role for the human advisor—it was the combination of technology and the human advisor that provided the best result for the investor. As the industry evolved, Jud’s vision grew, but he was always focused on the end result for the investor, which was enhancing financial wellness and helping advisors drive better financial outcomes and improve lives.

We extend our most heartfelt condolences to Jud and Mary’s family. Our thoughts are with them at this most difficult time. Jud’s spirit will forever be the foundation of Envestnet.

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Tamarac Empowers Advisors

Open Platform

Tamarac is an open platform with a large and growing list of supported integration partners — providing your firm with the flexibility and support you need to automate more of your business.

Maximum Client Engagement

Give your firm the tools you need to better engage your clients and demonstrate the value your firm provides with Tamarac’s client portal, interactive reporting, customizable PDF reports, document vault, budgeting tools, mobile app, and integrated financial planning.

Cutting Edge Technology

Tamarac was founded in 2000 as a Software as a Service (SaaS) company with an emphasis on service. Tamarac’s focus on innovation and best-in-breed technology allows us to incorporate user feedback and add significant enhancements to our platform; ongoing field testing keeps us ahead of an ever-changing industry. These enhancements help ensure that your firm is always using the most cutting edge reporting, portfolio management, and client engagement technology.

Automate More Workflows

Thanks to Tamarac’s growing capabilities and centralized data, your firm has the flexibility and power to create end-to-end workflows to automate your business processes across a unified platform.

Data Quality

As a pioneer in portfolio rebalancing software, we understand the importance of data quality and the impact it has on trading and reporting. Tamarac provides powerful data aggregation, trade reconciliation, analytics, and business intelligence reporting.


Tamarac supports RIAs ranging in size from $50 million to $50 billion in assets under management. With Tamarac, you can trade and report on hundreds of thousands of accounts quickly and with confidence. Tamarac is a partner that can support the growth of your firm for generations to come.


As part of Envestnet, Tamarac’s platform and data security is second to none. Tamarac uses world-class data centers that are SAS 70 II and SSAE-16 Type II compliant with full redundancy and disaster recovery to ensure your data is secure and our software is always accessible. Tamarac also offers dual-factor authentication to provide you and your clients with peace of mind.
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Personal Demo
Average length: 1 hour
Let us walk you through a personal demonstration of Tamarac.
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