Tamarac + PortfolioCenter
"No Conversion"
You don’t have to disrupt your business, but you have the option to enhance it. Add the client-engagement and reporting power of Tamarac at no additional cost for up to two years.
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Whether you choose to continue using PortfolioCenter exactly as you are today, or enhance it with Tamarac's award-winning portfolio management technology, you retain complete control of your database, including transactions and history.

By adding Tamarac, your firm will benefit from our powerful client engagement tools, such as our advisor dashboard, dynamic and customizable PDF reports, business intelligence reports, client portal, mobile app and optional integrated trading, rebalancing and CRM software solutions - all using your trusted PortfolioCenter data.
What Tamarac Brings to the Table:
Powered by your trusted PortfolioCenter data
Get up to two years of Tamarac free for a minimum three-year contract
No conversion necessary when choosing Tamarac
Complimentary admission to our annual user conference the Advisor Summit
Best-in-class support and a thorough online Support & Training Center
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For a more personal overview of how these features can empower you to operate with greater efficiency and profitability while delivering a superior level of service to your investor clients, schedule some time to talk to one of our consultants or give us a call at 877.399.0727.

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