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Archived Webinars

The Future Of Charging For Financial Plans
The rise of digital advice and the "robo-advisor" has called into question the relevance of financial advisors and the viability of current advisory business models.

Advisors need to be prepared to adapt their firm's business model by understanding industry trends that are driving the push towards new/alternative fee-for-service models for advisors.
Leading Clients Forward in Uncertain Times
We will cover how our industry will change following the pandemic, and suggest actions you can take to position yourself with clients as an essential advisor and trusted partner.
RIA Digital Transformation: A Competitive Necessity in a Post-Pandemic Marketplace
Learn how the current COVID-19 crisis is changing RIA attitudes toward digitalization from a nice-to-have, competitive advantage to an absolute competitive requirement. We will share RIAs’ perspectives on client-facing digital solutions, some of the biggest challenges in digitizing their businesses and best practices toward digital transformation.
The Value of Integrated Client, Portfolio, and Business Intelligence Tools in Volatile Markets
The ability to harness the power of integrated financial planning, portfolio management, client-portal, and business intelligence tools is paramount during this unprecedented time. Learn more about how the powerful combination of Envestnet | MoneyGuide, Envestnet |Tamarac, and Envestnet RIA Analytics is helping clients today navigate this current market environment.
How to Address Market “What-Ifs” Head On
Recent volatility reminds us that when markets move, so can investors’ emotions. With the right tools – backed by risk analytics from BlackRock – you can address client concerns head on. Join us to learn more about the combined power of the integration between Tamarac and BlackRock. BlackRock’s Advisor Center tools are utilized by over 60,000 advisors and are now available to you in the Tamarac Platform. These tools make it easy to analyze portfolios, identify potential areas of risk, and evaluate potential tax considerations – connecting you with what you need as you build and manage resilient portfolios.
Transform Your Clients’ View of Their Financial Future: Deeper Tamarac and MoneyGuide Integration
See first hand how the Tamarac and MoneyGuide integration is transforming how your clients view their financial future. We will show you how to create a meaningful and personal experience for your clients that promotes productive financial conversation and showcases your value immediately through the Tamarac client portal. See how our partnership provides easy-to-use financial planning tools that help advisors of all sizes customize their planning services to meet the unique needs of their clients. Join us for a brief overview of 4Q2019 enhancements and a sneak peek at what we have planned in 2020.
Learn How Tamarac and Flyer Are Changing the Future of Trading Through Their Co-Pilot Oms Partnership
In this webinar, we will demonstrate why our integration with Flyer’s Co-Pilot order management system (OMS) has been a huge win for successful advisors. Our new partnership offers you an advanced solution for trading equities, ETF, mutual funds and other security types. In addition, the integration simplifies how you access broker trading algorithms to connect with other brokers and allocate trades. We will show you how centralized trading, best-in-class order management and sophisticated allocation workflows are making a real difference for RIAs.
Fueling Financial Wellness Through an Integrated Platform
Join us for a webinar about driving the financial wellness conversation with your clients through the extensive technology available on the Tamarac platform. Using single sign-on integrations, we will demonstrate how to utilize the tools on our platform to deliver financial wellness and positive growth to your invested clients.
Portfolio Management Solutions That Keep You Ahead
As investors wrestle with balancing short term financial needs with long-term investing goals, the value of advice will become more important than ever. Keeping clients engaged, growing AUM, and building scale and profitability into your practice requires award-winning, innovative technology! Join us for a first-hand look at how to increase and customize your client interactions with seamless integration of PortfolioCenter with Tamarac’s solutions. We will have a 15 minute Q&A following the webinar to answer any questions that might arise and share with you our "No Conversion” Promotion.
RIA Analytics Dashboard Suite (featuring a Mutual Fund Capital Gains monitor to help you close out your year)
The RIA Analytics suite provides holistic business management intelligence through detailed reporting services and personalized dashboard experiences. The solution enables firms to access key performance indicators that measure growth drivers and potential risks. Tracking your business goals and progress has never been easier.
From CRM Prospect to Fully Invested Client in 5 Easy Steps
View this webinar on streamlining your account opening process through the Tamarac platform. Using single sign-on integrations, we’ll start with a CRM prospect, convert them to a client, aggregate outside accounts, create a financial plan in Envestnet | MoneyGuide, share the updated plan with the client and open accounts digitally with Schwab or TD. See firsthand how easy it is to move prospects to clients and free up time to meet more prospects and clients!
Brian Daley - Sales Engineer,
Brian has been a member of the Tamarac team since 2010. He has worked with hundreds of firms as they have adopted the Tamarac platform, from the smallest single person firms to organizations with over a hundred offices located throughout the country. Most recently, Brian has focused most of his time working with the largest Tamarac organizations to streamline and make more efficient their use of technology as it relates to Client Portal, Billing, Client Reporting, Trading and Workflow. Brian joined the sales organization in 2019 to assist RIA organizations in the decision making process for improving their back office and client facing technology.
Dan Latham - Account Manager
With over 17 years of experience, Dan Latham brings a wealth of industry knowledge to Envestnet MoneyGuide, the creators of the industry leading financial planning software, MoneyGuidePro®.

In his current role as Account Manager, Daniel is responsible for initiating and managing key relationships with advisors to increase practice efficiencies and revenue. He prides himself in being a valuable resource to firms interested in developing a financial planning centered practice.

Before holding the position of Account Manager, Daniel was a member of the MoneyGuide Client Services Team. In this role, Dan provided technical support and helped ensure that all financial professionals using MoneyGuide were able to deliver high-quality financial plans to their clients.

Prior to joining Envestnet MoneyGuide, Dan worked at Village Bank and First Market Bank where he served as a Financial Planner. Dan earned a B.A. in Economics from Hampden-Sydney College and currently resides in Richmond, VA with his wife and children.

Webinar Overview

Join us to learn how the current COVID-19 crisis is changing RIA attitudes toward digitalization from a nice-to-have, competitive advantage to an absolute competitive requirement. We will share RIAs’ perspectives on client-facing digital solutions, some of the biggest challenges in digitizing their businesses and best practices toward digital transformation.

Together, we’ll uncover high-power ideas to:
  • Demonstrate value with your clients
  • Enhance advisor-client collaboration
  • Overcome low client adoption rates
You’ll walk away with an action plan for implementing a digital strategy designed to enhance the value of the face-to-face advice between you and your clients. See how COVID-19 is making digitalization a top priority for RIAs.

Host: Julie Williams, SVP of RIA Sales, Envestnet | Tamarac
Guest Speaker: Dennis Gallant, Senior Analyst, Aite Group

Dennis Gallant is a senior analyst for Aite Group’s Wealth Management practice focused on advisor investment/annuity/product distribution and wholesaling, advisory services/managed accounts, financial planning and advice delivery, retirement income, advisor recruitment and retention, annuity and asset management product development, and advisor practice management. He has covered the financial advisor market for over 20 years and has specific expertise regarding independent advisors, including registered investment advisors (RIAs) and independent and insurance-affiliated broker-dealers.

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Bill Winterberg, CFP
Bill Winterberg is founder and president of and is a respected personality in the financial planning industry. Bill is widely recognized as an independent authority on the subject of technology in financial services. Bill maintains the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER certification and has past industry experience as a Registered Representative and a RIA.
Dustin C. Stiefel - Co-Founder, Principal
Mr. Stiefel and Co-Founder and Principal Vince Hawkins, CPA established Colleyville, Texas-based Steward in 2007, and by 2016, they were seeking to accomplish more for clients while spending less time behind their desks. They also wanted to ensure a seamless succession for their lifestyle business when they decide to retire.
Firm Profile
  • Founded: 2007
  • Headquarters: Colleyville, Texas
  • Website:
  • Services Offered: Goals-Based Wealth Planning
  • AUM: Approximately $225 Million*
  • Clients: 200
  • Staff: 2 Advisors, 1 Client Service Associate
  • Primary Custodian: Charles Schwab & Co.
  • Portfolio Management/Reporting: Advisor View
  • Portfolio Rebalancing: Advisor Rebalancing
  • CRM: Advisor CRM
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Mike Damas - President
Mike Damas has over 25 years of economic research, trading, and risk management experience. He formed Maryland Capital Advisors in 1997. Until 2001, his firm executed a bond trading strategy as a sub-manager of a large New York-based hedge fund. In 2002, he launched MCA’s own private investment fund implementing a disciplined, market-neutral fixed-income trading strategy. In September 2005, MCA became a registered investment advisor providing portfolio design and management for high net worth families, private organizations, and other select clients.
Firm Profile
  • Founded: 2005
  • Headquarters: Chester, Maryland
  • Website:
  • Services Offered: Portfolio management, wealth planning, and investment planning/consulting
  • AUM: Nearly $180 million for 83 client households*
  • Clients: Select high-net-worth individuals, families, family offices, trusts, and company retirement plans
  • Staff: Two principals and two client service/operations associates
  • Primary Custodians: Charles Schwab & Co., Fidelity Investments
  • Portfolio Management/Reporting: Advisor View
  • Portfolio Rebalancing: Advisor Rebalancing
  • CRM: Advisor CRM
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